Hero Park

Vision & Mission


The inception of the Hero Park idea was on August 2021, our team's initial plan was to fork Axie Infinity and imitate it on every possible aspect as we see the potential of a lower entry cost Axie like game. Who doesn't like to be part of new game servers where that player can apply his or her existing experience and knowledge, but with everything time back to origin? However, the deeper our commitments are put into the development and planning, we come to realize there are different problems rooted in all the NFT games, and we thought maybe we could make a difference.


Hero Park separated mission into two phases. First phase is focusing on IGO (Initial Game Offering).
  • 1st Phase Mission
Hero Park is going to build a GameFi ecosystem that structured on the growing DeFi ecosystem and combines it with gaming through unique NFTs. Also, by using Staking, Liquidity Farming, and NFTs creating the GameFi infrastructure. This gives Hero Park users the unique ability to play for free and to earn. Hero Park is offering the first ever blockchain game-oriented native token to our communities. $HP is a BEP-20 based token which act as the platform native token for Hero Park. It serves as the medium to reward communities, also used as utility token to spend for NFT gaming assets for upcoming games that will publish on Hero Park store and marketplace. $HP also serves as governance token for holders to vote on the future direction of “Construct Hero Park “. Furthermore, it acts as the key access to the latest airdrop or participate in new whitelist of IGO projects on Hero Park.
  • 2nd Phase Mission
After 1st phase roadmap, Hero Park will focus in presenting the first NFT game under Hero Park – “Hero Crush” to the communities. Hero Crush is an idle trading game based on Binance Smart Chain where players use their free time to idle and profit from the game. There are four kinds of gameplay in Hero Crush: Dungeon, P vs P Arena, Honour Hunting, Warzone. Each of the gameplay session allowed player plays to earn $HBT (Hero Bounty Token). This $HBT is a versatile in-game token that is needed for various actions such as unlocking new trading cards, virtual lands and perform card fusion. It is also a tradeable token in Pancake Swap.