Hero Park

Questions for Hero

What is Hero Park?
Hero Park is a platform that aims to allow user to build their games on the platform. In order to cope with the market where community is the key of success, Hero Park came out with a game called Hero Crush. Hero Crush uses HBT to allow user to trade freely among the marketplace and utilizing in the in game features. Once the platform is ready, Hero Park will proceed to build a protocol that will cater game developers in the future to build their games on Hero Park. Stay tuned for the coming updates.
What is Hero Crush?
Hero Crush is a game that will include all heroes around the worlds, the game is a strategy based game that user have to carefully place their troops in the battlefield to fight against each other. The Hero Crush will start g with three kingdom series, once the three kingdom series ends, Hero Park will proceed to new series such as marvels, Greek mythology to be decided.
Who is developing Hero Crush?
Hero Park has partnered up with Why Knot Studio, a game developer based in Malaysia. Their goal is to create game worlds to be loved and played for years, if not centuries.
Found in 2016, Why Knot Studio has always focused on making its own game and co-develop games with its partners. Over the years, it has built a solid and diverse team consisting of game designers, coders, artists and sound designers. The team's diverse minds always bring any game idea to a whole new level of intuitiveness, creating the most immersive gaming experience for the players.
What is the use of $HP token?
$HP is the governance token of the Hero Park ecosystem. The Hero Park token is able to cast vote for future gaming projects that will list in the Hero Park ecosystem. Besides, staking and rewards from games are determined by you! Whenever a new series released from Hero Park, $HP token will be the currency to purchase the limited NFT that is carefully packaged in the NFT Blind Box. The marketplace is built by Hero Park and it uses $HP token as a currency for bid and sell in the platform.
What is the use of $HBT token?
The in-game token where user uses it to fuse heroes and upgrade the troops.
When is the NFT Chest-box release date?
The NFT is expected to release on December 2021, the team is working hard on the artwork to deliver a unique hero for you.