Hero Park


Brief Gameplay

Hero Crush is an ancient war strategy game released by Hero Park where players build their clans and enter the battlefield. This game allows players to earn lucrative rewards through different game mode. Since the game is designed for every kind of player, the gameplay is pretty straightforward but that one thing to be noted is that players need to strategize in every battle when attacking opponent as well as defending your base while you are on auto-pilot mode. Once you are familiar with your heroes and skills, you can simply ace the game.
Different mode requires different battle strategy but there’s only one goal – Earn $HBT also known as “Gold” in Hero Crush. Gold plays an important role in Hero Crush too as it allows heroes to fuse, level as well as exchanging for more resources. In that case, there will be a high demand of $HBT as players can lose their resources during battle especially War Fridays.
In Hero Crush, there is in-game farming other than play to earn mode. Play-to-Earn is basically where players earn in-game coins, food and wood through PvP and other game modes. In-game Farming is where players build food generator and wood generator.
Heroes are the one who battle, control the troops as well as building war strategies. There are a total of 6 classes you can play, with diversity to fill any playstyle’s needs through daily quests, War Fridays and other game modes!
The six hero classes are separated into Armoured, Warrior, Raider, Scholar, Marksman, Support. With the game balancing being implemented, the legendary heroes do not always win. The common or epic heroes may take over the legendary heroes if the combination of the troops and classes are right.
The current released heroes of the NINE is:
1. Zhu Ge Liang (Legendary), Class Scholar
2. Guan Yu (Legendary), Class Warrior
3. Sun Quan (Legendary), Class Raider
4. Zhang Liao (Epic), Class Warrior
5. Xiaohou Dun (Epic), Class Armoured
6. HuangZhong (Epic), Class Marksman
7. DaQiao (Common), Class Support
8. Zhenji (Common), Class Scholar
9. SunShangXiang (Common), Class Marksman
The ideal combination of the basic formation:
Type A: Support, Armoured, Marksman (Provides a balance formation which heal, tank and range attack)
Type B: Support, Armoured, Scholar (Provides a balance formation which is heal, tank and magic attack)
Type C: Raider, Armoured, Marksman (Focus on Critical with assassinates, tank and range attack)
Type D: Armoured, Warrior, Support (Focus on Tank with high HP, balanced Attack and Heal)
The weapon and accessories are also the key to let you increase your stats and chances to win the PVP. The overall gameplay is all by a basic of balance, the more you train your heroes and troops the higher experience gains that allowed you to level up your heroes and troops.
There will be two formations for you to deploy which are attacking formation and defending formation.
Attacking formation is needed when you are in PVE or PVP mode at this current stage where you will be focus on increasing your attack to fasten the winning rate.
Defending formation is needed when you are defending your attack from other players during offline as you will get attack by user and there will be a cooldown once you have gotten attack by enemies.
The Game will provide an attacking time, if the attacker is able to conquer your castle within the time frame the attacker will win. If the defender able to defend within the time frame, the defender wins.
Troops plays an important role in the gameplay. We have yet to disclose more information on the troops that you can earn through the game but the troops will help you to fight the throne.
The war is crucial, whenever the troops got killed in the battlefield, your hospital need times to recover the troops and this is where the foods come in. If you have enough foods, you can regenerate your troops and heroes faster. You can earn your foods through PVE and through the food generator.
Brace yourself, enemies are approaching!
There will only be one hero, it’s now or never…