Hero Park

In-Game Deflation

Card Activation

Every card earned during the game are compulsory to activate using $HBT or $HP in the Fusion Hall.

Fusion Maximiser

Players are required to consume certain amount of $HBT/$HP in order to upgrade the card to the next level by combining two cards that share the same amount of stars. Through these fusion activities, it will burnout the $HBT/$HP and cards that being used in the fusion process. These actions help to maintain the circulating supply of the gaming cards and $HBT/$HP on a healthy growth line and prevent overpopulated situation.

Virtual Land Slot Activation

The land slot in the game is to increase the number of troops to be placed in the field. There is an amount of $HBT to consume during activation of the slot. The collected $HBT will be burned.

Battle Pass Activation

The battle pass will reward user with legendary NFT upon completing the full season quests. The activation of the Battle Pass will require an amount of $HP to activate.
Last modified 1yr ago