Hero Park


Frequently Asked Questions about Hero Crush
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    Where can I download the game? Heropark.io scroll below the third page, currently apk and ios testflight supported.
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    How do I create an in-game account? Heropark.io > launch Dapp >Profile (Key in your email and password).
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    How to buy $HBT? Go to pancakeswap.finance, then fill in $HP contract address: 0xede1f9cdb98b4ca6a804de268b0aca18dce192e8 To swap to $HBT, please fill in the contract address below: 0x70D3A041D0D71659656Fb6eEA1b07fcD5667C957
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    How to convert HBT into the game? Heropark.io > Launch DApp > Profile > Wallet > Convert (Please bare in mind that you will need to approve the contract ONLY for the first time)
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    How to earn HBT? Simply own a hero NFT from Hero Park official website. Go to heropark.io > Launch Dapp > Hero Box to unlock the $HBT earnings. User who does not own a NFT can also play but no $HBT will be rewarded. Start your journey in the PVP mode and complete the daily missions. Please do share your game in your social media.
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    How to see if my NFT hero is loaded in the game? A (premium) indicator will be shown at the hero cards.
  7. 7.
    Is the in-game hero is a premium hero? The in-game hero is not a premium hero, and cannot be level up but it can be used to feed the premium hero to level up.
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    How can I level up my premium hero? Look for the same hero through the game and fuse it in the fusion hall with some Jade and gold.
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    How do I increase my troops slot? Level up your main capitol following the quest to build.
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    How to level up my troops? Once your capitol reaches a certain level, you will be able to build a barracks and level up it. *This FAQ will be updated from time to time to keep players up to date.