Hero Park

NFT Staking Rewards

Every series of chest box are pre-allocated with 416 Millions $HBT/month as mining reward. These rewards will distribute evenly to three NFT staking pools (Uncommon/Rare/Legendary) for 90days.
Every NFT is unique in Hero Park and the amount of reward earned is depending on the NFT Hero Box. Here's the ROI for each type of chest box, [Legendary] Master Hero Box: 219.31% [Epic] Super Hero Box: 109.65% [Common] Baby Hero Box: 54.83%
Why Hero Park NFT? 1. The staked NFT will not be available for sale which means the supply of Hero NFT for sale will be reduced.
2. Users will be able to earn $HBT when they stake Hero NFT. The extra $HBT earned can be either use to grow more money by staking into Farming Pool or use in game.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read before you stake Hero NFT

1. Every NFT can only be staked once, which means you are not allowed to unstake the staked NFT for 90 days. *Date calculates from the day you stake*
2. Every NFT is only eligible to stake for 90 days. There will be a countdown timer shown in NFT Staking page.
3. Every staked NFT (Completed 90 days) will not be able to stake anymore.
4. Rewards in block can be harvested
How to Stake NFT? Step 1: Visit https://heropark.io Step 2: Go to “Launch Dapp” Step 3: Connect Wallet Step 4: Go to NFT Staking Step 5: Stake your available Hero NFTs
To Unstake NFT: Click “Unstake” button under that specific NFT card.
For video tutorial, please watch the video below: