Hero Park

Hero Park

Hero Park is a combination of DeFi + Game infrastructure which brings out the fun of DeFi gaming world not only purchasing an NFT as collectibles. We are concerned to create the same standard of demand and utilizations of the particular NFT that everyone owns to ensure it reaches the same value for every adoption in the gaming economy. Hero Park is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain as it is one of the most viable usage and also cheaper in terms of gas to utilise.
We convert and create story-driven blockchain games with liquidity proof via the relationship of the platform native token and each in-game reward tokens that built on BEP-20. Besides, all Hero Park gaming are integrated with related NFT series in the format of BEP-721 to preserve the rarity and uniqueness of some of these in-game items.

Why did we start Hero Park?

Originally we planned to fork Axie Infinity and imitate the game, the further we tried out the games we realized there is some problems playing the game. We would like to solve the issues that is currently pay to win, overpopulated characters and the absence of players hierarchy and balancing.
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